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Test van negen VDI oplossingen

Started by arjanhs, December 24, 2009, 02:41:53 PM

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InformationWeek heeft negen VDI-oplossingen getest:

   1. Citrix XenDesktop
   2. Ericom
   3. Leostream
   4. MokaFive
   5. Quest Software
   6. Sun VDI
   7. Sychron OnDemand Desktop
   8. Virtual Iron
   9. VMware View

In de opsomming van de voor- en nadelen voor VDI geeft InformationWeek eigenlijk weinig nieuws.

Ook de vergelijking tussen de verschillende leveranciers gaat niet veel dieper dan bovenstaand plaatje, met als eindconclusie:

QuoteAt the time of testing, we found Citrix XenDesktop provided the widest range of enterprise-level features in a single package. Since we reviewed VMware, several new features have been added that put it a neck and neck with XenDesktop, most notably image deduplication and offline desktop access. Ericom and Quest are impressive as standalone connection brokers. If you already own a server virtualization layer, you can't go wrong with either Ericom or Quest. Sychron does a great job with resource and desktop access management and is on our short list. MokaFive surfaced late as an innovator in offline virtual desktops with centralized management features and security baked in. If offline access is a requirement, MokaFive should be at the top of your list of vendors to test.