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Dreamset v2.21

Started by arjanhs, February 12, 2009, 07:48:42 PM

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Dreamset v2.21


- Delete satellite button shows a dialog where multiple satellites can
be selected (right click at list to get invert and select all options)
- Transfer dialog has an option to skip reload settings command when
write settings.
- When delete a favorite list and save settings, the file corresponds
to the list is also deleted from file system.
- Change favorite list(s) attributes (lock, TV/Radio) from popup menu
(right click and choose Set attributes)
- Settings authors can include their notes in settings (toolbar Notes
button) (Enigma 1/2)
- Import/Compare dialog, you can compare with settings in box

- Import/Compare dialog, compare algorithm.
- Wrong namespace calculation for west satellites (cause picons
not shown and duplicate transponders when scan)