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CS-Manager v0.9

Started by arjanhs, December 10, 2008, 08:03:31 PM

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CS-Manager v0.9
By AliAbdul 05.12.2008

. NET Framework 2.0
Supported servers:
Camd3 (clients: Camd3, CCcam, Evocamd, MgCamd, SC)

CamX (clients: CamX)

CCcam (clients: CCcam)

Card MP server (client: Camd3, CamX, CCcam, Evocamd, MgCamd, Newcamd, SC, Scam)

NewCS (clients: Camd3, CamX, CCcam, Evocamd, MgCamd, Newcamd, SC, Scam)

Scam (clients: Scam)
Leave ftp.log

Simulation being removed because the sources of v0.8 verschlampt :-(

Scam added as a server (only possible as client Scam)

Scam than NewCS / MPCs client added ... buggy in the scam seems to be

MPCs folder / etc / tuxbox to / etc / tuxbox / config corrected

The service file in the tool-path can be adjusted if needed. There are only a few providers registered. This is, as well as for MgCamd and CCcam clients to Camd3 server as well as for the MP-card server is required.

Defaults are the ports 62000 and following. If you want to use other ports, then a file named ports in the tool path to create, and only the top sport is specified (no obligation).