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VMware Player 4.0.0 build 471780

Started by arjanhs, October 06, 2011, 02:42:01 pm

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VMware heeft versie 4.0 van zijn Player uitgebracht. VMware Player is een gratis stukje software waarmee virtuele machines kunnen worden gedraaid die gemaakt zijn met andere VMware-producten, zoals Workstation, Server en ESX Server. Ook de virtuele machines van Microsoft Virtual PC en Symantec LiveState Recovery-disks worden ondersteund. Daarnaast kunnen verschillende voorgeïnstalleerde, virtuele machines via deze pagina worden binnengehaald, zoals Debian, Ubuntu en Fedora. Versie 4.0 brengt diverse verbeteringen wat ondersteunde hardware betreft, maar daar staan wel verhoogde systeemeisen tegenover.

    Installation Changes and Enhanced Keyboards

    The hardware requirements to install this version of Workstation have changed. Workstation now requires a relatively modern 64-bit CPU. See Installation Requirements for details.

    Virtual Hardware Improvements

    This version of Workstation includes many hardware improvements. To try new hardware features, you must upgrade the hardware version of your virtual machine or create a new virtual machine that uses the latest virtual hardware version.

        The display technology has been changed to provide a better experience for Unity users and users who have multiple monitors. These changes also allow you to add a projector to your laptop without restarting your virtual machine.
        Virtual machines can now support up to 64GB of memory. The host system should have more than 64GB of memory to use this feature.
        An HD Audio device is available for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2008, and Windows 2008 R2 guests. The HD Audio device is compatible with the RealTek ALC888 7.1 Channel High Definition Audio Codec.
        USB 3.0 support is available for Linux guests running kernel version 2.6.35 or later (Ubuntu 10.10) through a new virtual xHCI USB controller. To enable this feature, add the following line to the .vmx file: usb_xhci.present = "true". Do not enable this feature for Windows guests. Because Windows does not currently have a generic xHCI driver, this feature will not work in Windows.
        Bluetooth devices on the host can now be shared with Windows guests. With the latest hardware version, Bluetooth devices that are paired to the host system radio are available to Windows guests and can be paired from within the guest. You should not pair Bluetooth audio devices, such as headphones, or Bluetooth input devices, such as keyboards and mice, to a guest.

Website   VMware
Download   https://www.vmware.com/tryvmware/?p=player&lp=1